Obedience Training

Narnia Pet Behavior & Training has grown during the past 20 years to become nationally recognized and respected in the dog-training industry. Along the way, Narnia has helped tens of thousands of area pets (and their humans) live in harmony.

Most group training consists of six 55-minute classes. A new client orientation is included for anyone starting Puppy Kindergarten and Beginning Obedience.

Class content, leadership and training equipment are all discussed at orientation. We also touch on common issues such as mouthiness, housebreaking, crate training and jumping. Come prepared with questions.

Attending orientation is important so that you have a good foundation for your first class. If you are not able to attend orientation, you must make arrangements to pick up your orientation packet or have it emailed to you before you start your first class. All orientations are held in our Plainfield location.

Adopted dogs receive a 10% discount. (Proof of adoption required at the time of registration.) To see our current class schedule click here. If you're ready to sign-up for class you can do so online here, or call Narnia Pet Behavior & Training at (630) 904-0895 and we'll be happy to register you over the phone.


Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Dog Training Classes

Classes will be held at Lucky Dog Daycare & Boarding on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Puppy Kindergarten

  • For puppies 16 weeks of age and younger
  • Off-leash socialization
  • Learn basic commands including sit, down, come, stay, off, walking on a leash
  • Also includes our nationally known vet friendly and reliable recall
  • Instructors will address common problems such as house breaking, jumping, nipping, and chewing

Puppy Continuing

  • For graduates of Puppy Kindergarten
  • Build confidence and improve basic skills
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Instructors will address normal dog development including adolescence and lack of self control

Beginning Obedience

  • For dogs 18 weeks and older
  • Learn basic commands including sit, down, stand, off, come, stay, walking on a leash.
  • Also includes our nationally known vet friendly and reliable recall
  • Learn leadership skills

Manners & Self Control

  • For dogs that have completed Beginning Obedience, Puppy Continuing or Adolescent Training & Manners
  • Refine obedience skills
  • Introduce door manners
  • Work getting attention and working with distractions
  • Learn to phase out treats
  • Teach your dog to be calm & focus

Please call Narnia for start dates and more information at
(630) 904-0895. Classes are ongoing.